• Felipe Richter Reis

Use of an e-nose machine to detect adulterations in edible oils

Frauds in food products are a current concern in society, as can be seen by the significant amount of scandals that almost ruined food companies lately. For example, one can remember the cases of fraud in milk and most recently, in meat - "Operação Carne Fraca" - in Brazil.

With this in mind, researchers from Iran developed a technique for avoiding frauds in edible oils, which was based in an e-nose machine. Such equipment was based in hardware, like pumps to move the oil throughout the system and sensors, that received the oil volatiles, and also in software, to process the results.

The authors Hamed Karami, Mansour Rasekh and Esmaeil Mirzaee-Ghaleh concluded that their e-nose was capable of classificating oil adulteration with high accuracy and speed, besides being non-destructive. Their paper was published in the last issue of Journal of Food Processing and Preservation.

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