• Felipe Richter Reis

In 2017, three Brazilian researchers wrote the first book totally devoted to food blanching

Blanching is a technology used mainly for inactivating deleterious enzymes in vegetables prior to canning, freezing and drying, ultimately improving their color, texture and flavor.

In 2017, Dr Felipe Richter Reis, Dr João Luiz Andreotti Dagostin and Dr Bogdan Demczuk Jr, wrote the book New Perspectives on Food Blanching, edited by the first, and published by world-class Springer International Publishing. It was the first book totally devoted to blanching on global level.

The book is sold both in hard copy and e-book formats and contains seven chapters: four written by Felipe, two by João and one by Bogdan. The paid dowloads of the e-book copies are by 4,000.

Congratulations to the authors!

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