• Felipe Richter Reis

Edible flowers as a source of bioactive compounds

Besides leafs, tubers, roots, seeds, stems, and fruits, flowers are receiving attention from food scientists as an edible part of plants, and as a source of bioactive compounds.

In this sense, researchers from Mexico (José Manuel Pinedo-Espinoza, Jorge Gutiérrez-Tlahque, Yair Olovaldo Santiago-Saenz, César Leobardo Aguirre-Mancilla, Matilde Reyes-Fuentes and César Uriel López-Palestina) found that wild edible flowers (A. salmiana, A. vera, E. americana, and M. geometrizans) consumed as a traditional food in some regions of Mexico are an important source of bioactive compounds due to their content of ascorbic acid, carotenoids and phenolics, potentially having a beneficial impact on human health.

Their results were published in the journal Plant Foods for Human Nutrition (Springer).

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