• Felipe Richter Reis

A Brazilian study that helped changing the name of a food processing technology

Atualizado: Jun 26

You might have heard about refractance window, the technology that uses films transparent to infrared radiation in order to dry food suspensions by means of the heat of hot water that is on the other side of the film.

What you maybe do not know is that, five years ago, Brazilian researchers (Marta Fernanda Zotarelli, Bruno Augusto Mattar Carciofi and João Borges Laurindo) discovered that only less than 3% of the total heat transfer is caused by infrared radiation. This said, the researchers found that the name cast-tape drying is more suitable than refractance window drying to describe processes in which "a liquid food is cast in a thin layer onto a flat belt and dried."

Congratulations to the researchers and their cast-tape drying!

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